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Metal Ceiling Panels, Custom Hand-Painted Ceilings

Custom Hand-Painted Metal Ceiling Panels.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceiling panels that's listed here is hand-stamped aluminum which will never rust. All metal panels come preprimed but additional priming with an oil base primer is added as well. The finish coats is also oil based paint and the detailed ornate painting is oil and acrylic paint mixed. The paint is very durable by itself, but coats of sealant is also applied to every panel. Each panel is 2'x 6' so they cover a large area quickly. Being they only weigh 4.20 pounds each, the installation isn't difficult. Also, the nails for the panels come free of charge, unlike most metal ceilings that's installed. Custom-painting these beautiful panels will match any home decor. When customizing the ceiling panels, you will get a one-of-a-kind ceiling that will add beauty and value to your home, not to mention it looks beautiful for years to come.

Special order only for the ornate metal ceiling panels. For further product information, custom-painting, current pricing, shipping, handling, and installation please contact LSC Creations.

Metal Ceilings, Decorative ,Custom Hand-Painted, 

Metal Ceiling Panel Acanthus --Acanthus    Metal Ceiling Panel Acorns--Acorns       Metal Ceiling Panel Almonds --Almonds

 Metal Ceiling Panel Bluebells --Bluebells   Metal Ceiling Panel Brunswick--Brunswick  Metal Ceiling Panel Camellia -Camellia

 Metal Ceiling Panel Canning--Canning    Metal Ceiling Panel Carina --Carina        Metal Ceiling Panel Carlton --Carlton

 Metal Ceiling Panel Carrington --Carrington Metal Ceiling Panel Dana --Dana          Metal Ceiling Panel Fans --Fans

Metal Ceiling Panel Fishscale--Fishscale   Metal Ceiling Panel Fleur --Fleur          Metal Ceiling Panel Jasmine --Jasmine

 Metal Ceiling Panel Laidley--Laidley     Metal Ceiling Panel Lindfield --Lindfield     Metal Ceiling Panel Magnolia -Magnolia

 Metal Ceiling Panel Pacific --Pacific     Metal Ceiling Panel Petra --Petra           Metal Ceiling Panel Regency--Regency

 Metal Ceiling Panel Rhodes --Rhodes   Metal Ceiling Panel Stars --Stars           Metal Ceiling Panel Stockholm --Stockholm

Metal Ceiling Panel Sunflower--Warwick   Metal Ceiling Panel Wildberries --Wildberries Metal Ceiling Panel Wynyard --Wynyard

Choose unpainted style $85.00
(price subject to change)  ID: 80136
Contact Us for further information.

Additional Metal Ceiling Pictures

Pictured below is hand-painted Jasmine ceiling panels. Depending on the light in the room you will see the difference in the shades of the paint.  When you walk into the room all you want to do is stare at the ceiling.  A person never gets tired of looking at something so beautiful. If you have high ceilings in your house this is the perfect answer for cracked ceilings, boring ceilings even poorly designed ceilings. A hand and custom-painted ceiling adds beauty and value to your home. You can even use the ceiling panels for walls as well.

Jasmine Hand and Custom-Painted Metal Ceiling Panels